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To be frank, this started as an activity to keep our group of friends updated with different areas of tech developments. Let’s be straight – if you work in tech, you know your core is only going to be a part of the tech industry. Alot of it remains new and uncharted territory for a lot of us.  

Which is why the 4 of us came together here, each with a unique expertise in different areas of tech. The goal was to simplify the new innovations in our own field and share it with the rest with added titbits on how these can or will affect them or their business. Because here’s another truth – you may work in a specific area of tech, but all developments have a domino effect which does impact each one of us even if it is minutely. 

It started as a small group over chat, and we realised we weren’t the only ones facing this issue. And not everyone was lucky enough like us to find friends in all the core areas of tech. So, we decided to be that friend for you! 

Technology Hubspot is your group of homies who are going to give you all the fun insights into all things tech, for all the fields – right from the experts!